Jose A. Navas

Technologist and Tinkerer

About Me

My name is Jose A. Navas. 👋

A results-driven professional residing in Tampa, FL, with a comprehensive background in customer service, IT, and technology. Throughout my career, I have demonstrated a remarkable track record in troubleshooting, technical support, and customer interaction, showcasing my dedication to these critical areas. In my current role as a Sales Associate at NewsLink of Tampa TPA, I continue to leverage my expertise in customer service and IT to provide exceptional support and contribute to the success of the team. Previously, I served as a Cashier/Customer Service representative at Pipo’s Cafe, honing my skills in customer interaction and service excellence. Beyond my formal roles, I have a rich history as a Computer Technician, managing my own side gig where I excelled in fixing computers and smartphones, supporting both software and hardware needs. This experience has endowed me with over a decade of expertise in software troubleshooting, computer hardware, and various IT domains. My versatility extends to the hospitality sector, where I gained valuable experience as a Server/Host at Rita & Champagne and La Fela in Havana, Cuba. Additionally, I have a solid foundation in network administration, having served as a Network Administrator at the State Transport Company in Camaguey, Cuba. Educationally, I hold a high school diploma and continuously augment my skills with certifications such as the Google Technical Support Fundamentals. Fluent in both English and Spanish, I possess excellent communication skills that complement my technical proficiency. I am characterized by a keen sense of time management, adaptability, and a proactive approach to problem-solving.